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Forums-Rank TBI

Bericht  FaithlessGod op do okt 11, 2012 10:56 pm

Here Are the Following Ranks For the Forums.
Ranks can be Given away From Admin's and CEO's

- CEO = Owner
Leader and Owner off The Clan. have All Permission's

- Admin = a Admin to the Forums
Admin of the Forums. Have All Permission's

- Trial-Admin = A Trial-Admin
Trial-Admins have Permission to Ban and All Mod Permission's

- Mod = a mod to the forums
Can Gif Ranks away to people Under Moderator. Have Permission to Recrute,Advertise,Delete Forums,Locking, and More

- Trial-Mod = A Trial-Mod
Has No Rights to Recrute or gif away Any Ranks. but got Right to: Lock,Delete,Advertise and more

- Recruter = a Ranked player that can Recruit people to forums/clan
This Ranks Include's: You may Recrute People to The Clan And Judge them.

- Punished = A banned Player from Clan/Forums
This Player Got banned/Kicked From the Clan and Forums: Got none Permission's

- Warlord = Ranked PVP-Rank and got Permission to Create Clan wars
This Means you may Create And Find Clan Wars and Got a Rank to Lead Clan wars

- Advertiser = the Word already says all
This Means you can Put Video's into The Forums. also this Rank's Says you Advertise for our Clan.

- TBI-Member = Everyone Who joined Clan
It will Show Wich clan you Are.

- GFX = People who Makes Video's,Pictures for Clan,people
Grafix Designer Creates Pictures,Video's. Doesnt need to be in a Clan.

- V.I.P = Very important Player = Ranked player
This Means you Earned your Rank in Battle's and You Received Respect from Other Players, and Clan Members

- OtherClan-Member = Your from a Other clan that Search For Clan wars
you can Make Clan Wars With Warlords,Mods,Admins,CEO's PM them and they Respond.


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